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Techology Accelerates Digital Marketing To A New Era
We believe technology accelerates digital marketing to a new era that focuses on positive emotions as integral to the user experience. An interactive content that attracts the user's attention is the key to building brand awareness and collecting the engagement data that drives ROI for advertisers and marketers. Cr.ED is a data-powered creative platform providing ready-to-use HTML5 interactive modules that can be used in digital advertisements and various marketing formats. Our creativity drives user engagements that are valuable information for business optimization.
Award-Winning Creativity Since 2013
Cr.ED platform emphasizes creativity, engagement and the power of user interaction data. Cr.ED interactive modules are carefully researched and designed to attract attention with a user-friendly experience in mind. Each creative module is selected with proven market performance; we believe in quality over quantity.
Code-Free, Market-Proven Interactive Formats
An interactive advertising, or marketing content, normally requires a team of designers, coding engineers and weeks of work. With Cr.ED, it only takes a few steps to select a preferred interactive module, upload your designs, and the system will automatically generate an interactive ad for your preferred DSPs (Google, Verizon, TTD, etc.) or other marketing channels.
Build Your Own Interactive Formats Faster, Easier, and Smarter!
Need a little more spice to your ad? Our creative modules can be tailored to suit your needs. Our Cr.ED creative team also provides an add-on service that helps you build your own interactive modules to fit your specific communication goals faster by combining different components in our modules. If you are an SSP or DSP provider who wants to make interactive ads more appealing to users, contact us for creative integration solutions.