Easy Pricing, No Guessing
Cr.ED is for modern marketing professionals with the need for speed. It is a platform that saves today’s marketers weeks of planning and communication for a marketing campaign. Each creative module will collect different user engagement data based on the interactive design of the ad or marketing content so you can easily view the report, and gather more user insight.

Cr.ED offers flexible pricing tiers to satisfy your budget. The price of each module will be charged for every thousand impressions of the ad (CPM). We also provide a Build Your Own Module service which our team of creative experts will help you build an interactive module that fits the communication goal, which means it saves you both time, and money. Contact us for a free trial now.
Cr.ED Partners And Customers
Partners are the foundation of our success, while our customers have been the greatest inspiration for our growth. Cr.ED has teamed up with major DSPs globally, and served well-known brands in various industries. We will continue to build the ecosystem to provide better online experiences for our customers and end users.